A Feature / Useless Fashion Post and Random montage of PEOPLE I’LL NEVER BE. T_T

July 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

So recently I was contacted by this illustrator from Sau Paulo (Cue Reggae music and hot guys/girls dancing in skimpy clothing) and he apparently wanted to do an illustration of Steph and I! :D So I was all AWWWW YEAH SHURE cause I believe this is the first step of me delving into sub-internet fame HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TANGS ERRBODY TANGS.

Here I am in my 2D glory HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I believe this was quite an old picture of me though. O: When I still had blondeactuallyisyellowone hair! :D

And this is Steph in her glory too HAHAHAHAHA. When she had orange hair! This woman is crazy wtf, Orange > Pink > Blonde hair AND HER HAIR HASN’T BROKEN OFF INTO 940983983982 PIECES YET SO JEALOUS WTF MAX. >;

y liddat ah, Y IS SHE SO FLAWLESS?!?!?! T_T

YAAAAAY the illustration of us! <3333 Fucking love the amount of detailing that went into this artwork! T__T The fur textures and EVEN DOWN TO MY OMBRE HAIR HAHAHAHA. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO TALENTED OBRIGADA TO YOU xx.

Check him out here ; http://gg.me and check our feature here ; http://gge.me/2011/go-guy-007-bryan-gohey-stephanie-yong <3

On the 2nd last week of work (AWWW YEAH INTERNSHIP HAS ENDED HIP GRINDING THE FUCK OUT OF MY BEDROOM WALL), I decided to dress up with the Accounts Manager of the company. HAHAHAHAHA cause um, she wanted to break her Lookbook virginity and I wanted to be there to give her moral support HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Spent AGES studding this jacket whilst watching the last 2 episodes of Clif WHICH I THINK IS MAJOR GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA!!!!111111111111!1!!!!1!11 I TELL YOU THEY ARE BRAINWASHING US TO JOIN THE POLICE FORCE WHERE GOT GLAM1?!!?1/1?1/1?1?!?1?1

IT’S A CONSPIRACY11!!!!!!!!!11
I’ve recently stopped wearing my engineer boots because I’ve realized… that I have 7 other pair of shoes I don’t wear ever since I got this one HAHAHAHAHAHA. And a fellow lookbook-er claims that this pair of pants look fluffy and plushy (AWWW TENSHI IF YOU’RE READING THIS ILU!) <333

Please hype my look here if you like it : http://lookbook.nu/look/2096201-Moment-of-TRUTH-and-the-Moment-to-LIE

HAHAHAHA this is Suharti, um, the Accounts Manager. OK MUST INTRODUCE HER LOL. Can you believe she has 3 kids?!?! And all the kids are MAD CUTE LIKE I WANNA KIDNAP KIND OF CUTE and all of them wear Gap Kids and other such branded stuff! ):

Ahhhh they srsly take after their Mom and Dad in terms of style! ): WILL I EVER BE THIS FASHIONABLE AND WELL DRESSED WHEN I GROW OLD SOBS. T_T

Her Alexander Mcqueen booties!!! Hahaha she’s damn cute cause she’s always complaining how SHE CAN NEVER BUY SHOES CAUSE HER HUSBAND (MY BOSS LOL) NOTICES EVERY PAIR AND CAN RECOGNIZE DESIGNERS HAHAHAHAHAHA. Like, srsly, WHY SO CUTE?!?! /claws eyes out in frustration.

Chanel Sunglasses and pretty much BRANDED EVERYTHING! Just the other day, she was complaining how Tin Pei Ling (WHO NEEDS TO GROOM HER EYEBROWS PRONTO) ruined Kate Spade for her so she gave one of her bags to her youngest daughter. HAHAHAHA SO CUTE (REPEATING THIS FOR THE 940939389839383TH TIME.)

Ahhh I’m gonna miss her and her dirty jokes! <333

You can hype her look here : http://lookbook.nu/look/2096683-Singing-myBLUES

EVERYBODY. REJOICE NOW. For my brother (FOR THE LAST TIME WE ARE BLOOD RELATED) has finally gone from Justin Bieber to Cole Mohr aka. Random Tumblr Hipster Dude HAHAHAHAHA. /cries in happiness and sets off confetti cannon.

Did a random style-inspiration board that day because I was bored and when I finished it… I wanted to die in agony cause I WANNA BE 40% AS FLAWLESS AS THESE PEOPLE FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

From Left in Clockwise Direction ; Andrej Pejic / Lara Stone / Charles Guislain / Kate Lanphear / Ashley Olsen / Emmanuelle Alt.



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