Saturday Visuals aka. Too lazy to take pictures so must post a few pics and pretend my content is very good LOL.

June 26, 2011 § Leave a comment


Headed out yesterday at 10:30am (LOL INSANE HOUR. Had to wake up at 9am wtf) to go meet mah hOm3_gUrLx Becca for coffee at Starbucks and can I just say that she finally toughened up? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA mah home girl is finally brave enough to stand up to stupid people who wear RP camp t-shirts to school wtf.

Still horrendously obsessed with carrying my W.A.R clutch bag out! T____T though I can only fit a few stuff inside and my fox tail is finally seeing LIGHT OF THE DAY!! *___* And cause it’s no longer safe to leave it lying around cause my dog has finally discovered how fluffy it is LOL.

C-C-C-C-CAMWHORE SHOT. She reminds me of those Disney teen actresses though HAHAHAHAHAHAHA like some drama club chick who quarrels with some hot jock and eventually fall in love. -_- then the end of the series must have them kissing at Prom with cheesy music playing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And I wore a scarf-headband that day cause I was inspired by CL in the Lonely mv! T_T Why is she so flawless wtf.

Met Phaik Yie ( after that for a supposed lunch at Wild Honey! But we had to wait for 1 hour so FUCK THAT IPPUDO FTW HAHAHAHAHA. And does anybody find it weird that everybody’s suddenly going to Mandarin Gallery now? O___o Me thinks it’s time to change hang out spot!! ):


Ippudo = One of the few restaurants where EVERYTHING on the menu tastes good! *___* And I bet most of ya’ll are sick of me blogging bout this restaurant HAHAHAHAHAHA BUT EH ONCE YOU GO THERE YOU CAN’T EAT RAMEN AT ANY OTHER PLACE.

Png (As I affectionately like to call her) gave me this GIANT SLAB of pork fat! <333 T_T This is TRUE LOVE ERRBARDEE, TRUE LOVE.

Ring Orgy shot!! <333 The YSL Arty Ring hasn’t left the ring finger IN AGES LOL.

OUTFIT SHOT. Pretty unplanned one cause the original coordinate I planned looked FUCKING UGLY when I put it on! ): So hello, falling back on wearing a leather jacket since you can never go wrong wearing one! :D

Png looking super super atas HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Like some taitai with chewrenz who play the piano/violin and who uses $300usd moisturizers HAHAHAHAHAHA. Then her house must have outdoor water features wtf.

She’s so fair it’s insane HAHAHAHAHA. And she looks so Korean hor? -_- HAHAHAHAHAHA I think she looks like a film star srsly!!!

Ending this post with a pic of me + “Leticia” 5 years ago wtf.


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