Noir Femme.

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Did a super casual shoot a while back with Alcie (Who brought lots of accessories and shoes over, GOD BLESS THIS BFF OF MINE) and to prove that simple black dresses are THE BOMB, I styled her such that you can get 3 styles out of 1 dress! :D

Obligatory accessory shot to further emphasize our obsesion with all things black, leather and studded! ;)

This look was done with a grunge and rock feel in mind! Of course, layering a circle scarf isn’t advisable for Singapore’s shitty weather, but I’m loving this Zara one I received for Christmas! :D

Leather Jacket (check!). Panelled Leather Vest (check!). Shades (check!). Kick-ass pair of shoes (check!).

Something more feminine and simple this time round! Played around with draping and simple clean lines! I think it’s cool how layering on the Complex Geometries shift vest made the black dress take on an asymmetrical look!

Me thinks it’s perfect for a dinner out with the girls or, for chilling out at Starbucks and people watching! :D

This look wasn’t very thought out because our claim for it was “PILE ON AS MANY STUDS, LEATHER ACCESSORIES AND ZIPPERS AS WE CAN AND MAKE IT LOOK COHESIVE.” But I think it looks good because it doesn’t look OVERKILL.

Alcie’s so photegenic that it’s really insane! T_T She has one of the nicest set of teeth I’ve ever seen! D:


Behind the Scenes :

Styling this entire photoshoot was REALLY REALLY EASY because I just went to my wardrobe, dug out everything and threw them onto the floor to differenciate them! :D This is the result of 30 minutes of selection!

Accessories galore! :333

Laying out the accessories and clothing! Loving how my dog has the WTF IS SHE DOING?! look! I mean, it’s not everyday you see a GIANT PILE of black clothing on the floor! D:

Ghetto studio set-up! HAHAHAHA. And if you can squint hard enough, YOU’LL SEE A CARLSBERG BEER CAN ON THE TABLE NEXT TO ALCIE HAHAHAHAHAHA. Photoshoots I organize are always super chill actually! O:


Maybe it’s just me, but the more my dog ages (She’s 8 years old this year, AHAHAHA SO OLD WTF. And if you calculate her age in dog years, she’s 45 years old, LAO AUNTIE HAHAHA), the more she demands attention from me! And what better way than to lounge on a pile of clothing? -_-

Headed to a friend’s house after the shoot and nothing says YOU’RE A FUCKING ALCOHOLIC then stuffing a giant bottle of blackcurrant merlot into your bag LOL.




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